Terms & Conditions

General Terms

The primary concern of the company is the listing of the terms governing the rights and obligations of www.topespresso.gr to all of you who will visit its websites and who will inform you about your own rights and obligations and your best service in the search and acquisition of the products you wish to buy from its store.


An indispensable prerequisite for the commencement of our conciliation between us is the disclosure by you of some of your personal information. When you place an order, we will ask for your full name, the address to which the products sold will be sent, your landline telephone number (or any other phone you want to use for your best service), your e-mail address (e-mail address), etc. In case you choose to make your payments by credit card, the details are only entered in the bank's system through which the transactions are cleared through a secure redirect. In any case, no credit card information is stored on www.topespresso.gr systems.

Www.topespresso.gr, strictly following the principles of personal data protection provided by applicable laws and international conventions, will not make any unlawful and unwarranted use. Www.topespresso.gr in no way discloses, publicizes, sells, exchanges personal information and information you trust us. Exceptionally your personal information may be disclosed by the company, always subject to the statutory procedure when required by a Public Authority, a court, etc.

Www.topespresso.gr reserves the right to inform its suppliers with sales statistics, but they will in no case contain personal information that may lead to the recognition of individuals.

You may also at any time, if there is any reason to change your personal information, or limit or cancel the use of any of these items (eg your credit card number) by completing the relevant online form.

Product prices

The prices listed on the related lists next to each product include VAT (24%) and (13%) respectively depending on the category. These prices refer to the quantities available in our warehouse, while www.topespresso.gr reserves the right to re-pricing.

For certain regions in Greece where VAT rates are lower and if your order is made on an invoice then the prices of the products are lower than those indicated on the reduced VAT.


For all the products in the catalogs of www.topespresso.gr there are clear indications of the availability of our warehouse. So you can easily find out before making your order which of our products are available in our warehouses and immediately delivered, which products are not readily available but we wait on a specific date to receive them from our suppliers and what products are not are available but expect to be informed by our suppliers about the exact date of receipt. However, you can send us your order even for products that are not available in our warehouses and we will contact you by e-mail and / or telephone within a reasonable time to inform you of the possible time picking up the product from the supplier and then delivering it to you. In this case, you can, if you feel that this period of time does not satisfy you, request that your order be canceled.

In any case it should be made clear that the above delivery time of your order depends on the availability of the products in our warehouses.

We also offer you the option to choose whether you wish to pick up all the products, which due to their different availability will also have a different delivery time, with a shipment at the place of delivery at the latest date and once delivered to the courier service you receive in partial deliveries depending on the time that can be delivered to you.

Force majeure

If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes etc.) we can not deliver the products within the specified time, we will inform you by e-mail to indicate if you wish, under these circumstances, the completion of your order.


Www.topespresso.gr is not responsible for defects or poor quality of its products to its customers. All products are received by packaged suppliers. However, if the defective product is found to have proven defective, you reserve the right to return it with the possibility of replacing it at our own expense. Www.topespresso.gr is not responsible for an organized attack by hackers to steal personal user information.

Promotional messages

Www.topespresso.gr allows its users to choose their information about the new products they market and other offers, payment arrangements etc. by sending promotional - informative messages to their email or postal address or by phone. Www.topespresso.gr will not misuse the above service. Users are always given the opportunity to stop receiving advertising messages.


Like most sites on the internet and on www.topespresso.gr, we use cookies to access certain information whenever you browse with a web browser in our store. Without the use of cookies, it would be impossible to offer you important services such as: order status, personal settings, storage of items in the basket.

Cookies are files that are stored on your computer's hard disk over the Internet, so we can offer you services such as those mentioned above. In your browser settings you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or asking you whenever a new cookie is to be installed on your hard disk. However, you should know that if you choose to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard drive, you may not be able to use some of our store services.

We also use cookies to serve ads through third-party vendor tools, including Google Ads and Remarketing. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to display ads related to previous visits to our site. These cookies provide no information about you and do not allow any access to your computer or other device.

If you prefer not to see ads from Top Espresso, you can unsubscribe in one of the following ways:

1. Unsubscribe from using cookies through Google Ads settings by clicking here.

2. Unsubscribe from using third-party cookies by clicking here.

Modify the terms of this

Www.topespresso.gr reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions.

Current Law

All transactions you make through TopEspresso.gr are governed by International and European law governing e-commerce issues as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994) which regulates issues related to sales by distance.