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Bristot Miscela Speciale 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

With its intense, creamy, full-bodied flavour, this blend is a pleasant balance of Brazilian Arabica..

32.77€ 21.36€ Ex Tax: 18.90€

Bristot Miscela Sublime 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

100% Arabica Gourmet Coffee. Origin: Caribbean and Central America Arabica Gourmet, including superi..

33.22€ 21.57€ Ex Tax: 19.09€

Bristot Miscela Tiziano 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

It is mild and has a spicy and dense crema. It proves that using first-class Robusta coffees and giv..

31.59€ 22.02€ Ex Tax: 19.49€

Buondi Decaffe 0.5kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

The Buondi Decaffe is an extraordinarily aromatic, sweet and balanced mixture with the perfect aroma..

16.94€ Ex Tax: 14.99€

Buondi Gold 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

A coffee synonymous with the "pure gold" name. Strong, intense, Mediterranean and yet aromatic. The ..

33.38€ 15.54€ Ex Tax: 13.75€

Buondi Limited Edition 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Buondi Limited Edition is a 100% Arabica blend. It is distinguished by its delicate aromas, tropical..

33.89€ Ex Tax: 29.99€

Buondi Premium 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Cup with fine cream, fruity notes and intense flavor. A blend that combines intense 'full' body and ..

33.78€ 19.05€ Ex Tax: 16.86€

Buondi Prestige 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Dynamic aroma, polite and delicate. Sure what every true lover is seeking, the pleasures espresso ca..

37.06€ 17.77€ Ex Tax: 15.73€

Cagliari Crem Espresso 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

A blend of coffee for a typical Italian espresso with strong characteristics. A perfectly balanced m..

32.77€ 21.74€ Ex Tax: 19.24€

Cagliari Elite 100% Arabica 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Blend of roasted coffee beans for espresso 100% superior Central American and Brasilian Arabica qual..

39.55€ 32.02€ Ex Tax: 28.34€

Cagliari Gran Caffe 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

A traditional blend with a mild taste and a delicate aroma, thanks to its high proportion of careful..

29.38€ 22.52€ Ex Tax: 19.93€

Cagliari Superoro 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Special high-quality blend, the result of our century-long experience, draws on our connoisseurs' se..

39.55€ 32.17€ Ex Tax: 28.47€

Cannabissimo 0.25kg ground (Coffee Espresso)

Cannabissimo ground Gourmet coffee from selected varieties of coffee 90% Arabica 10% Robusta enriche..

15.82€ 9.59€ Ex Tax: 8.49€

Contego Decofeinizata 0.25kg (Coffee Espresso)

This coffee has a chocolate flavour with caramel finish.Fresh Roasted CoffeeDecaffeinated..

7.90€ Ex Tax: 6.99€

Contego Malawi 0.25kg (Coffee Espresso)

Malawi coffee is meticulously crafted and classified using internationally approved standards and qu..

7.90€ Ex Tax: 6.99€

Contego Rwanda 0.25kg (Coffee Espresso)

Rwanda coffee is cultivated in high altitudes between 1700 and 2000 meters. It is a balanced coffee ..

7.90€ Ex Tax: 6.99€

Covim Gold Arabica 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

The Gold Arabica is a Covim blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans. It is dear and ideal for anyone who ..

36.16€ 21.46€ Ex Tax: 18.99€

Covim Gran Bar 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

A mixture of 14% Arabica and 86% Robusta. The combination of the two varieties makes a dense and aro..

24.46€ 11.29€ Ex Tax: 9.99€

Covim Orocrema 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

This irresistible blend is able to offer coffee with a strong personality, rich taste and a nice ful..

31.53€ 10.72€ Ex Tax: 9.49€

Covim Prestige 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Coffee beans with a velvety taste, full of nuances, with lasting scent. The delicate flavor, pleasan..

22.49€ 12.98€ Ex Tax: 11.49€

Covim Rubino 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

The blend is created for lovers of aromatic espresso. It is an aromatic coffee with a strong body an..

27.69€ 16.94€ Ex Tax: 14.99€

Danesi Doppio 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Danesi Doppio 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)..

32.65€ Ex Tax: 28.89€

Danesi Emerald 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Danesi Emerald coffee is a premium Italian blend of the finest Brazilian, Ethiopian Natural Arabica ..

39.44€ 31.53€ Ex Tax: 27.90€

Danesi Gold Quality 1kg beans (Coffee Espresso)

Danesi Caffe Quality Beans Gold, a blend of espresso coffee beans, characterised by a perfect and ha..

38.42€ 28.69€ Ex Tax: 25.39€

Dolce Gusto Compatible Garibaldi Dolce Aroma 16 Capsules

Coffee capsules Garibaldi “Dolce Aroma” – a specially selected blend of Arabica and Robusta varietie..

4.51€ Ex Tax: 3.99€

Dolce Gusto Compatible Garibaldi Gusto Oro 16 Capsules

A blend with a delicate flavour and refined acidity characterised by a flowery aroma and a thick cre..

4.51€ Ex Tax: 3.99€

Dolce Gusto Compatible Garibaldi Gusto Top 16 Capsules

A fragrant mix of the best quality Arabica beans characterised by delicious notes of chocolate and f..

4.51€ Ex Tax: 3.99€

Dolce Gusto Compatible Lollo Classica 16 Capsules

Dolce Gusto Compatible Lollo Classica 16 Capsules..

4.40€ Ex Tax: 3.89€