illy Iperespresso Guatemala box 108 Capsules

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Capsules Illy Iperespresso Guatemala box 108 pieces

Espresso coffee capsules, in pressure sealed packaging in order for its organoleptic characteristics to remain unaltered.

Taste and aroma profile: The rare combination of altitude, warmth and shade found in Huehuetenango gives this coffee a delicate and balanced sweetness, and range of tastes and aromas including chocolate, caramel, honey and citrus. The result is a supremely enjoyable coffee experience.

ΙLLY MONOARABICA The rich, full body and smooth distinctive taste of illy's legendary blend results from the artful combination of the world's finest Arabica coffee beans. With illy Monoarabica you can discover the individual coffee varietals that comprise the illy blend, each uniquely influenced by nature at its origin – with soil, climate, altitude and cultivation methods combining to produce unique and incomparable personalities and taste experiences.

IPERESPRESSO SYSTEM – A revolution in espresso. The novelty of distillation in two stages and the patented design of iperespresso capsules result in espresso that is full bodied, with intense aroma, and thick froth that lasts. The capsules function as a professional distillation group. Protected by 5 patents, it functions in two stages: first the hot water is diffused with high pressure on the capsule capturing the components of the coffee for 3'' and then the 2nd stage of distillation begins and results in excellent espresso with very thick froth.

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